Make the Days Count

  • city skylines
  • funny shaped clouds
  • amazing thrift store finds

  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • duck x-ing signs
  • when hour-long phone calls only feel like minutes
  • when you look at your watch in the middle of work and realizing that it is later than it’s much later than you realized – zoning out
  • waving at neighbors
  • morning shadows covering the ground
  • warm cookies
  • thinking you’re out of peanut butter (or other favorite food), then finding a brand new jar in the pantry
  • “bubbly” moods
  • productive chore day
  • my Aunt’s birthday
  • Mom’s safe trip to/from her work convention
  • little kids pushing mini shopping carts at grocery stores
  • making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich/turkey melt
  • road trips
  • seeing my brother “all grown up” in his campus apartment
  • comradery¬†and spirit
  • spending the weekend bonding with “my boys”

  • church homilies that stick with you throughout the week
  • sunsets over wheat fields


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