The Gifts That Keep On Giving

My “gifts” from the past week

  • People watching at grocery stores, “categorizing” shoppers
  • Afternoon rainstorms that lower the temperature
  • Being disappointed that I couldn’t find what I wanted at Half Price Books, then seeing it on the clearance rack
  • Little kids who wear glasses
  • New crossword books
  • Sharing my “secret” parking garage at the Galleria with my impatient father
  • Orange/Citrus-flavored drinks – refreshing
  • Getting instantly captivated by a new book
  • Snagging some of the last available seats at the mom when we went to the dollar theatre
  • Mom buying me gas for my car
  • Gaining reassurance of what I want to do with my life
  • New job opportunities – wedding design assistant
  • Free DVD rentals at the library
  • Seeing pictures of my parents when they were dating

  • Seeing cute guys reading at Barnes & Noble (nothing sexier than a guy reading a book)
  • Watching drunk people play mini-golf
  • Fountains
  • Sharing my “Paris highlights” with a friend who is spending the weekend there – nostalgia
  • Taking down and putting up holiday decor
  • Munching on firm blueberries
  • My brother walking out of the house right as I was walking in with my arms full
  • How food tastes so much better after you’ve gone too long without eating (stupid work)
  • Friendly, solid handshakes
  • Drinking Snapple – reminds me of when my dad would buy it for me when we went to the grocery store
  • New (& unexpected) seed growth



2 thoughts on “The Gifts That Keep On Giving

  1. I love this “gifts” list and you have so many things on your list that I needed to be reminded to be thankful for. Rain to lower temperatures – of course – what a lovely sentiment. Thank you for sharing. I hope your plants grow tall and lush! : )

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